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Weekend in Memphis Recap

I had the best intentions of taking a million photos with my actual camera last weekend while in Memphis, but alas, I’m another victim to the iPhone, which makes everything easier.  Right off the bat when we arrived at my sister’s address, I was crazed–blooming magnolia trees were everywhere!  Though it was warmer than what […]


I have had hardly any nine-to-five shifts since my promotion, a fact that will take some getting used to.  That’s the world of retail though, and I’m squeezing in the important things (like blogging) in the hours after early morning shifts.  While my time to catch up on reading and writing has shrunk considerably, these things […]

So There Was This House

So…there was this house that was almost perfect.  You may have been wondering what the month-long halt on house shopping was, and this is it.  After seeing this modest brick house in a desirable neighborhood, Ethan and I went to the bank to see what we could do.  Rather, what the bank could do for […]