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Good morning– less than thirteen days before Halloween!  My mom and I got into the spirit of things on Friday by doing this One Kings Lane craft— copper leaf pumpkins.  Believe me, after seeing the ten AM showing of Gone Girl, we needed something silly to do to relax our nerves and make us happy again! […]

The Snowy Bird Stocking

Hi!  This week I have divided my time between adding content to my latest finished novel (which from now on I’ll refer to as FZ) and this lovely stocking.  I don’t know if the blank canvas made a difference or finishing my first stocking had an impact on me, but this one feels really good […]

Stocking #1: Done

It’s done, friends!  Well, the needlepoint aspect.  My mom and I already have plans to finish it when we are together next.  The little dog gave more trouble than he should have, but I’m fine with how he turned out.  The brown makes a difference, doesn’t it?  I have Ethan’s canvas already started, and I […]