This weekend was such a treat for me as I had two whole days off in a row with no set plans.  When I shared the great news with Ethan, our first ideas on how to spend it included a trip to Memphis and Chicago.  Instead of worrying about hotels and excessive gas money, we […]

Hello hello!  Another party in the books for this family.  Amanda’s thirtieth birthday was this weekend, and while we were discussing her milestone a few months ago, we decided it required a cozy affair at one of Cape Girardeau’s little gems.  The Glenn House if you remember is a historic home downtown that not only […]

Greetings from June!  I’m feeling overwhelmed by the passing of time…amazingly we have been in CG for a full eight months.  This time last year I was just starting my flower internship!  Now that I have had some time to dig into the collections I spontaneously started, I’ve made some progress.  With eight pieces now […]