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My Little Lovely Family Gets Cuter Everyday

I love my boys.  One is small and fluffy, the other is big and strong.  They both make me laugh and smile like crazy.  Ethan has started doing something so silly with Simon: when all three of us are on the couch and Simon’s on top of the cushions, Ethan will whisper to Simon.  Tiny […]

One Year, or Better Yet, Happy Anniversary to Us!

Dear Ethan, I cannot believe it has been an entire year since our wedding day.  But I know you can.  I love remembering how you rubbed my hand as we stood on the altar together, and the way you looked so calm as you vowed to be my husband, for better and for worse.  Do […]

A Look at Mid-January

Happy Monday!  It is pretty happy for me–Ethan has off (gosh, I love his four-day weekends!), and this weekend we treated ourselves in a lot of little ways.  Friday, Ethan convinced me to put my nook down and go see Mama with him in theaters.  I’d been wishy-washy about wanting to see it for a […]