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Christmas Things

Since we’re limited with bags to check at the airport, Ethan and I will be getting cash or gift cards this year…guaranteed.  Really, being home in the first place will be gift enough for us.  But–if I was making an ultimate list of potential presents, I’d include a perky signet ring for my pinky, custom-framed […]

Inspiration | New Style Icons

When I have a free evening, I like to hit up Louis Vuitton online and drool over all my future potential handbags (ha).  Last night however I hit gold with these little videos featuring the Icons: the Keepall, the Speedy, and the Neverfull.  How chic are these ladies?  How feminine yet effortless?  Can someone please […]

In Seven Years Time

I had a weird dream last night that inadvertently got me thinking about owning a Louis Vuitton (if you remember from this post, that will be a long time)*.  So seven-ten years from now..what will life look like? Ideally I’d have some pretty important things to put in such a luxurious handbag.  A Piece of […]