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Lily Ashwell Spring 2013 is Finally Here!

Okay, before everyone reads all the seriousness in tomorrow’s post, I wanted to scream my excitement for the Lily Ashwell line!!!!  I’ve been checking the site compulsively for the new Spring collection and IT. IS. HERE. I had a hard time narrowing down what I loved best and I came up with the above products […]

I Might Finally Be Admitting I’m A Little Bit Country

Growing up in Southeast Missouri, I felt like the little outcast of my family.  Everyone, including my sister, was born in Illinois/outskirts of Chicago.  I think it gave me a complex about being “country” or not, because I was always refusing to listen to those radio stations and to identify myself with that lifestyle. Regardless […]

More Snow Than I Know What to Do With

Hello lovelies.  I was hoping to get out and take some scenic pictures for you, but snow got in the way.  We woke up to big fluffy flakes on Sunday and it continued throughout the entire day.  Maybe that means things will look that much prettier when we finally drive out a ways, but for […]