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Monday Turned into a Snow Day

Today is a snow day, believe it or not!  I know parts in Missouri are getting hit as well… needless to say, I just want spring!  But Ethan got let off work, so that’s the silver lining.  I’m hoping for a day that is all snuggle-y and warm.

One Year, or Better Yet, Happy Anniversary to Us!

Dear Ethan, I cannot believe it has been an entire year since our wedding day.  But I know you can.  I love remembering how you rubbed my hand as we stood on the altar together, and the way you looked so calm as you vowed to be my husband, for better and for worse.  Do […]

Finding My Voice and Facing My Fears

Hello.  I feel like I’ve been a little absent from the blog, that my voice may not be coming through as much as I’d like it to.  Do you feel that way?  I think the amount of time I am devoting to writing lately is to blame.  I’m going to work on it though.  If […]