Monthly Archives: September 2013

Happy Birthday, Ethan

Happy birthday, my darling boy. I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable photo of little Ethan.  I mean, look at that face?!  So often I think to myself, I wish I knew Ethan when we were younger.  But he came into my life at the exact perfect moment, and all I can do is smile about […]

White on Green

It is kind of an odd mix, the green leaves and trees covered in white.  It came down quite steadily yesterday morning, and these are some photos from Simon’s and my adventure to a nearby grassy hill and back. So much vegetation took on sulking, weighed-down shapes.  Kind of eerie to look at with gray […]

Oh Hey, Snow

Snow-loving friends, it looks like Alaska is the place for you!  The last snow we had was mid-May, and now in mid-September it starts again.  I woke up to white rooftops and covered cars.  So much for fall.  I’m really actually frowning about this.  Happy Monday.