Monthly Archives: October 2012

Inspiration | Marie Antoinette

Happy Halloween!!!  I can’t believe how quickly October flew by…this whole year actually!  Halloween is something that runs strong with my family–did you know that my aunt got married on Halloween…costumes and all?  Really, she set the standard for the ultimate party and I can’t seem to get excited without countless decorations and a cotton […]

Conversationality | Witchy Ways

Growing up in the nineties instilled a deep obsession of witchcraft in me that I never really have shaken.  Watching Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and even Teen Witch inspired my younger self to change my name to Serena and read palms in a souped up shed in my backyard…garden glass orb and all.  It all […]

Baby Gets a Haircut

After four months, three sweaters, and one cone, Simon’s coat was looking pretty shabby.  He could barely see through his bangs, and there were some pretty gnarly knots around his neck and rump.  He had gotten into the phase of fighting me anytime I bring out the brush, so you can believe how increasingly difficult […]