Farm Life



After watching Funny Farm last week for cape cod home inspiration, I found myself dreaming of a little place in the country, long back porches and these lovely items…

This rug reminds me of a country quilt.  I still don’t have a classic white button down, but this one seems worth the price– hidden buttons to prevent gapping and made in the USA!  In the film the Farmers have a funny phone issue, resulting in a pay phone inside their house.  Seeing that kind of made me want an old school wall-mounted model.  These stoneware bowls are cozy and would look perfect filled with comfort foods at your next family-style dinner.  I’m looking to add this book to my collection once we return home.  This market tote would be a great companion for tooling around town, with room to stow a few purchases from favorite antique shops.  This windsor rocker is timeless and looks as good in the 1880s and 1980s as they do today.  Why do I have such expensive taste?  This skirt by Pink Tartan is just lovely.  If you haven’t seen Funny Farm yet, get yourself a copy now…a well worth it buy for under six dollars!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to go tooling around town with you!!!

    1. I cannot wait either!!!

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