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Goodbye, Two Story Dreams

October 24, 2014

twostorydreamsIt is time for me to kiss goodbye all my hopes and dreams of owning a two story home.  What a sad, sad day, since I’ve wished for a beautiful staircase most of my life.

Ethan’s health is okay now (aside from all of those problems he has), but come twenty years, heck maybe even five, things might be drastically different for us.  We were touring a charming cape cod home for sale by owner just a week or so ago, and my dear husband was having difficulty with the stairs.  My back, he says, my knees.  Shortness of breath.  He requested a home with a bedroom on the first floor, or better yet, a one story all together.  My husband who has so very little wants and needs for our future home.  And so, you see, I must oblige him.

First, I thought that we could do the first floor master bedroom.  No problem.  I had been planning on it anyway.  Put our hypothetical children upstairs, and I still get the little grand home I’ve always wanted.  But then what if those children are sick someday and I’m at work and Ethan can’t go up and down the stairs a million times for Sprite and oyster crackers and extra boxes of tissue?  What if, someday, he is too unfit to take the stairs to tuck them in at night?  My heart was breaking at the mere thought of it.  So, I’d decided.  We will live in a one story home.

As for all the land we wanted, we’ve also decided against it.  The day after trampling through 1.77 acres in the most perfect location, I realized I won’t be able to take care of it all on my own should something terrible ever happen.  If’s and should’s continuously penetrate my mind, molding my ideas of what our dream home will be.

Lucky for us, Cape Girardeau is chocked full of one story homes!  Ranches.  Cottages.  And yet still, I’m having difficulty finding just the right one.  Of course the architecture of “the right ones” are rare and rarely on the market.  My ideal neighborhood (again, Ethan couldn’t care less about it) is highly unattainable with barely any homes ever listed.

So we must wait.  And wait some more.

So that’s how the house hunt is going.

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Tuckernuck Inspiration

October 22, 2014

tnuckinspirationI wish I could tell you I can afford to scoop up anything and everything from Tuckernuck that my heart desires, but that simply isn’t so.  I’ve made a few investment purchases from them and feel good about that, but I can’t justify doing so for my entire wardrobe.  This look specifically has inspired me however to get the look for less.

Green Sweater:  The Shandon Sweater by Dubarry is classic to a T.  But this Madewell Cable-Front Sweater in midnight green is very similar, for a whole one hundred dollars less. This textural Honeycomb-Knit Sweater from Old Navy is even less.

White Shirt:  I’m picturing The Sleeveless Shirt underneath, and boy, does that Made in America come with a price.  The Brooks Brothers Sleeveless Dress Shirt is the layer I would purchase (and I’m seriously considering it for once), as it is super sleek without chest pockets.  If you still cannot bite the bullet, may I suggest waiting until spring for more options?  BodenUSA had a darling one that sold out past July.

Khaki Leggings: Lucky for us, these Faux Suede Leggings by Lysse don’t need budget-conscious comparisons…these are a steal at $88 (in my opinion).  The Dark Latte color is so rich, not to mention the high waist band will help smooth and slim…something I’m always looking for in a pant.  Plus, I’m digging the ankle grazing length.

What looks from Tuckernuck are you loving lately?


October 20, 2014

mid-octoberGood morning– less than thirteen days before Halloween!  My mom and I got into the spirit of things on Friday by doing this One Kings Lane craft– copper leaf pumpkins.  Believe me, after seeing the ten AM showing of Gone Girl, we needed something silly to do to relax our nerves and make us happy again!  We purchased our realistic looking faux pumpkins at Hobby Lobby and got to work, creating a more rustic texture with the copper leaf than the tutorial.  Here they are finished, and after giving it some thought, I have to admit they remind me of mercury glass (you may have seen mine here already).  We also roasted pumpkin seeds simultaneously and have been enjoying those ever since.

Though I may not seem all-out crazy for this time of year, I am.  The crisp air, foggy mornings, wafts of smoke from burning leaves, I live for this cozy season.  It seems like we have lots of exciting things to do in honor of it too.  This week I am attending a private tour of a haunted/historic home in downtown Cape Girardeau.  This weekend or next we are going to the spooky haunted villages at Black Forest, which I haven’t been to since sixth grade.  And then, on the eve of Halloween, my family and I are taking a walking tour of downtown…centered all on local legend and ghost stories.  Not to mention my aunt and uncle’s annual Halloween anniversary shindig.  Talk about an amazing line up!

Have you joined in the autumnal festivities yet?


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