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Raindrops on Dahlias

August 29, 2014

raindropsondahlias1| a lemonade colored dahlia to brighten a dreary day |


raindropsondahlias3| foxglove, these speckles remind me of freckles |

raindropsondahlias4| a little cutie for a gentleman |

raindropsondahlias5| a lesson in similarity, try to guess who made which one |

raindropsondahlias6| my take-home for the week |

raindropsondahlias7| a fun plant Dallas foraged |

raindropsondahlias8| brother and sister dahlias in a vessel you’ll see again soon |

raindropsondahlias9| my favorite from the week, had to share it twice |

raindropsondahlias10| salmon & burgundy dahls for an upcoming wedding |

The Snowy Bird Stocking

August 28, 2014

snowybirdstocking1Hi!  This week I have divided my time between adding content to my latest finished novel (which from now on I’ll refer to as FZ) and this lovely stocking.  I don’t know if the blank canvas made a difference or finishing my first stocking had an impact on me, but this one feels really good and clean.  All of my thread decisions have worked out and I haven’t had to backtrack.  It makes me want to eventually redo mine since I feel this one is lightyears ahead of it!  What do you think?  Do you dig these little chickadees?


snowybirdstocking3There was absolutely no sunlight yesterday when I took these pics, so I apologize if they feel dark/artificial.  I started the evergreen needles last night and hope to pick up some charcoal gray tomorrow for the rest of the feathers.  After that, I’m tackling the night sky and then the background.  Isn’t Ethan’s nontraditional color choice interesting?  I’m looking forward to seeing it my mom’s blue palette too.

I’ve found movies are good companions to this craft, though I’m not entirely sure why.  Last Friday I cranked out all the branches and most of the snow to The Nun’s Story on TCM.  When I told my sister that, I realized how grandmotherly I sounded!  I’m enjoying it though, so I guess that’s all that counts?

I’m hoping I can finish this baby by the end of September.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Massimo Dutti

August 26, 2014

massimodutti1Let’s just ogle these beautiful clothes today, by new-to-me brand Massimo Dutti.  Undoubtedly I have a love affair with rich saturated colors.  Warm holiday hues that are both collegiate and equestrian-esque.  Massimo Dutti has all of that going on with their latest collection, and I am drooling!  These pieces are so chic and timeless, I’d gladly take everything from their online shop.  These are my favorites though.  That velvet!  That orange coat!  So good.

massimodutti2| Velvet Blazer | Reversible Quilted Jacket |

Belted Orange CoatOversize Cable-Knit Sweater |

Semi-Boatneck Sweater with Buttons | Maroon Velvet Skirt |

| Printed Jacquard Wool Foulard |


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