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Garden Party

August 1, 2014

gardenparty1Saturday Ethan and I ventured north to Sutton, a little town on the Matanuska River, for a garden party.  It was wonderfully rustic, with a winding gravel road through forest and a green clearing with this zen view of the mountains.  We strolled through the garden with established broccoli, kale, sweet peas, delphiniums and the like, and played a friendly game of croquet after the pot-luck style dinner.  It was quite refreshing to sit outside and relax, meet new people and enjoy the summer.  And it certainly made me want a plot of land to cultivate!!  So charming.




Needlepoint Stocking: The Home Stretch

July 30, 2014

stockingWell, here she is!  All I have left is to repaint the top and fill it in.  It is amazing to me how quickly I finished it, almost the length of summer.  When I go back to the craft store I think I’m going to pick up a medium brown to touch up the doggie though…not enough contrast against the snow for my liking.  But overall I’m pleased!!  What say you?

Boden Does Autumn

July 29, 2014

bodenDo you own any clothes from Boden?  I personally don’t, but their Autumn 2014 collection has me itching to change that.  I’ve always enjoyed flipping through Boden catalogs; when my mom told me she loved everything in the new edition, I realized I hadn’t received one since moving to Alaska!  While I anxiously await the products in print to grace my mailbox, I’m going to pine after these picks.  Doesn’t it just make you excited for fall?



| city padded jacket | amy dress | catharine coat | crinkle shirt | lois skirt | cromarty roll neck |

| top image via |


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