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Growing up in the nineties instilled a deep obsession of witchcraft in me that I never really have shaken.  Watching Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and even Teen Witch inspired my younger self to change my name to Serena and read palms in a souped up shed in my backyard…garden glass orb and all.  It all sounds a little silly when I say it out loud, but I was serious.  The books I loved by Lois Duncan didn’t help the obsession either.  And I wasn’t the only one.  My two best friends, Chrissy and Abby, were just the same.  We often spent recess in the corner of our grade school field praying for the souls in the nearby cemetery.  We really did have the best of intentions.

As I grew up, my witch love materialized in other outlets.  I am particularly proud of my performance as Ruth in the play Blithe Spirit, in which a séance is conducted at my home, resulting in the return of my husband’s dead wife (Chrissy).  It was terribly dramatic and I even died and came back as a ghost.  I reveled in the supernatural quality of the experience.  In high school, Chrissy and I dreamed together about sharing a big old house with herbs and cats.  I even had a potential picked out in a little town in Southern Illinois, complete with a third story turret and an incredible view of the river.

Now that we are in our twenties, we’ve given up those witchy ways, but I can’t help indulging in fiction and films that sway toward the craft.  Especially with the series I read earlier this season, I tend to enjoy getting lost in a world of spirits and potions.

Do you have a weakness for witches?  I still am trying to convince my mom and sister to be the Sanderson sisters the next Halloween we’re together.

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I’m in!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Hocus Pocus–it’s my favorite thing to watch this time of year! John and I will even occasionally walk like the Sanderson Sisters (but only if we’re pretty sure there’s no one around)!

  3. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    um, there’s no convincing needed! we just need to be together and find/make decent costumes!

  4. The only witchy thing I ever did was play the ouija board when I was like 11….so scary!!!

  5. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love that little witchy kid costume!!!!

  6. Oh Hocus Pocus is the best movie around this time of year! I love fairy tales, witchy tales, wizard stories and anything else completely fictional but magical! I’m like a child sometimes!

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