Art Wall

art wallIf you remember, before I got my little impressionist painting in April, we had nothing but a calendar sprucing up our second largest and emptiest wall!  I had art laying around, convinced they wouldn’t go together after various foiled plans and a bout of indecision (read: I don’t have much experience decorating in real life after all).  But on my sister and mom’s last day here, my mom suggested we do something about it.

My mom doesn’t over think things like I do.  If she likes it, she hangs it and that’s that!  And that’s exactly what she helped me do here.  While I loved each piece individually I didn’t see them going together until they actually were!!  “The Kiss” ties into the finger paintings Ethan and I made on our very first date (read about it here), and my Max Wanger take-aways from BLOGSHOP echoes the blues in my little landscape.  And of course the antlers add the right amount of dimension.  Truly, this new art wall livens up the space…something I didn’t know we needed until now!  Perfect dose of personality for our apartment.


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I was glad to help!!!!!!!

  2. It looks great!!

  3. aw I love this! I’ve been dying to do this in our house.

    1. It was amazingly effortless =)

  4. […] week I’m planning on getting my arts and crafts on.  Painting a picture similar to “The Kiss” for Amanda and her fiancé, painting the stocking cards I drew up last week, and making a […]

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