Seeing Green

downtoninspirationBlame my love for Downton Abbey, but Lady Mary’s walls this season have me craving green.  With red accents and antique wood furnishings.  A while back, when we were just beginning to think about home decor, Ethan suggested green–his favorite color– for our bedroom.  And I scoffed!  Because I immediately envisioned lime or chartreuse and completely overlooked the possibility of hunter and evergreens.  But now I am a believer and can’t wait to incorporate green walls into our future home.

greenwalls1Green striped wallpaper with flower details and animal print carpet?  Gorgeous!

Love the green mixed with the red rug, plaid shower curtains and flower valence.

greenwalls2Crazy for this green paired with natural woodwork and that quirky painting.

Painted green paneling and bookshelves?  All right by me!

| dowton abbey (this article has spoilers) | lonny | cornelia guest | unknown sources, see pinterest |


  1. Green is an awesome color 🙂

  2. […] seamlessly fit into every season.  While I’ve already been playing around with the idea of green walls, this photo I snapped at Nell Hill’s has been in the back of my brain since November.  It is […]

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