Personal Trends

personaltrendsI have two sides: one is all neutral, the other is everything but.  It’s important to honor both, but in the middle of finding new styles for spring and tracing my inspiration to “vintage” Kate Spade ads, I’m slowly pinpointing what I want to look like in the coming weeks/months/.  My autumn self is much easier for me to figure out !!  Lucky for me though, these items seem to fulfill the needs of my split style personalities.

I still haven’t committed to a garden stool, and I’m thinking that’s pretty fortunate considering how gorgeous this one is.  This stationery reminds me of the set I used while Ethan was in basic training…it just needs a custom monogram stamped on each sheet and I’m sold.  Call me old-fashioned, but I am really digging the  concept of sweater sets for spring and summer…especially since B&N has already been chilling the book floor.  After watching The Darjeeling Limited, I found myself craving these exact green and blue hues.  A set of four mint julep cups need to find their way into my cupboards.  Remember the Dodie Thayer inspiration from last week?  This asparagus strainer is tugging at my heart.  Perfectly neutral sneakers that are much more practical than flat soled tennis shoes…would love to pair them with an all white ensemble.  I already own Style; it seems only fitting to add Occasions to my library.  This little lavender bench is just adorable and not something you see everywhere (p.s. it has a twin).

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